Are you a Carer?

Are You a Carer?

Six million people in the UK care for a relative, friend or partner, or for a child with a disability. Some carers are responsible for looking after someone 24 hours a day. Many share caring arrangements with other family members and friends. For some, caring is a role that they carry out most of their lives, for others, it can be a matter of a few months or years. Carers are of every age; there are very young carers and elderly carers.

If you are please let us know by texting Carer to 07800000199 or completing the Carers Form - we may be able to help you and will offer you a carers assessment and a FREE NHS flu jab.

How to get help when looking after someone

As a carer, you are entitled to an assessment by Social Services, to discuss the help that both you and the person you care for, might need.

Useful Department of Health Website:

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!