Test Results

It is normal for all test results to go back to the requesting Clinician for review for comment before any details can be passed on. The results of any investigations organised by a local hospital will normally be discussed with you at your next visit by their requesting clinician, although we may be able to give you these details of they have reviewed them and written to us detailing their evaluation. If you were asked to attend for a follow up after having some tests then please ensure the results of these have been received by us before booking an appointment to discuss.

Routine test results are available via Patient Access or NHS App or by ringing Tues/Wed/Thur between 12 - 3pm.

We operate strict confidentiality policies and, therefore, we will only release test results to the person to whom they relate. The member of staff will be able to read the basic comments on the results but will not be able to interpret them in detail. If this is needed, then please discuss an appointment with one of the clinicians.

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